Extinction DEMO

by Aüralskit

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released February 27, 2014



all rights reserved


Aüralskit Liverpool, UK

Formed in March 2013 from the ashes of another 'musical' project.

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Track Name: Extinction
Extinction comes to bear/
Lifetimes spent polluting the Earth/
Air is thick with toxic gas/
No chance of life - mankind collapse//
Half-hearted attempts to change our fate - Too little, too late/
Regulation by the state - Too little, too late//
Destruction a by-product of our greed/
Quest for wealth not human need//
Actions past seal our fate/
No correcting this mistake - It's too little, too late
Track Name: Omnicide
Barren wasteland remains/
Once so full of life//
None shall survive - Omnicide//
Civilisation crumbles/
As the bombs rain down
Track Name: Hata Utan Anledning
Skewed voices act as guides/ Infecting feeble minds//
Hata utan anledning - no chance of peace//
Fear is the planted seed/ As ignorance takes it's root//
Hata utan anledning - no chance of peace//
See so clear through blinkered eyes/
Through divisions you antagonise/
Opinions formed without exposure/
No debate just force fed closure
Track Name: Peace Is Lies
War will never end/ We're hopeless to stop it/
Corrupt leaders/ In someone's pocket//
This is the end, the end of mankind/
War is truth, peace is a lie
Track Name: Eradicate
Fascist bastards on the rise/ Through misfortune they divide//
Human minds evolve - eradicate fascism - never absolve//
Spreading lies immigrant epidemic/ Twisted theory of eugenics//
Gaining strength through false division/
Worthy of nothing but derision