Survive​-​Resurface​-​Repeat (DEMO)

by Aüralskit

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Recorded May 2013


released August 10, 2013



all rights reserved


Aüralskit Liverpool, UK

Formed in March 2013 from the ashes of another 'musical' project.

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Track Name: Survive-Resurface-Repeat
Destroying eachother destroying the earth
Subjective history lessons go unlearned

All this someday end in a flash
Death by fallout if not the blast

Four horsemen mount for the curtain call
Mutual destruction assured for us all

Those in the bunkers all that remains
Survive resurface repeat our mistakes
Track Name: Condemned
This country's putrid force like the child that hunts the worm
We're all just peripheral a needless fucking germ
Existing isn't living and living doesn't pay
Never is a promise and never is our day

We are condemned

Disable the classes who get no fucking say
Re-title the disabled as capable slaves
The starving and the desperate are their own to blame
A piss poor economy soaked through into shame
Track Name: Rädslan Sprider
Kids on the street with something to prove
Gang mentality after me and you
Mindless violence in exchange for a rep
Sad situation what we get

rädslan sprider som blodet rinner röda

Another innocent bystander falls victim to this plague
Someday a real rain will wash the scum away

Anger and rage is misdirected
Working classes most affected
People talking of solutions
Victims wanting retribution

Eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind
Councils claim ASBOs where the answer lies
Need to focus on the root cause
Liberals claim is being bored
Track Name: Lifelock (Doom Cover)
Read a DOOM sleeve for lyrics
Track Name: Rape Rack
Mothers milk, mothers ruin
Restrained wooing of a fisted fuck

Swollen with her lifeblood stripped from her calf
You wouldn't drink that shit if you had a heart
Another mother dies on the rack
Slaughter of the innocents to rake in the cash

Knock her up the rape's so good
For multiplying your livelihoods
Steal her babies for the slaughter
Tender meat of sons and daughters

Wet nurse milk her dry
Repeat the rape rack until she dies
Track Name: Lobotomised
Nation void of real culture
Prey on celebrities like hungry vultures
Braindead morons glued to a box
No concern for freedoms we've lost

Square Eyes - Lobotomised
Track Name: Needs
I need a beer
Track Name: Helvete
Where are your gods where are your saints
What kind of god would build this place
Superstitious control Jesus enslaves
Live on your knees paradise awaits

Interpret a book to meet their ends
Whilst we suffer a living hell
Sell your soul to be saved
Carry your faith to the grave

Lies to control lies to enslave
Your belief consolidates the hate
Hook line and sinker you buy what they sell
Cooperating victim in fear of hell